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Group members visited China for project meetings

Our group leader Prof. Wen-Hua Chen, group members Dr. Cunjia Liu, Dr. Matthew Coombes and Dr. Jinya Su visited China for project meetings during 06/Apr/2017--17/Apr/2017. 

On  07/Apr/2017, the project meeting for Agi-Tech project "Enabling wide area persistent remote sensing for agriculture applications" was held in Beihang University. Prof. Wen-Hua Chen, Dr. Matthew Coombes, Dr. Jinya Su, and other partners in the UK (Prof. Xiangming Xu from NIAB EMR, Prof. Zhengtao Ding from University of Manchester, and Dr. AI Savvaris from Cornfield University) and China (Beihang University, Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute) updated their recent progress respectively.  

On 09/Apr/2017, invited by Prof. Shibo Fang from China Meteorological Research Institute (CMRI), we were glad to have a visit to the experimental fields of CMRI in Hebei province (Gucheng) as shown in the following figures. We also collected some experimental data on the comparative fields of wheat under various water stresses. 


On 13/14 Apr/2017, we went to Xi'an and Yangling to visit one high-tech company and Northwest A&F university. Both sides shared their research and some possible collaborations were agreed on such as data collection. 

On 17/Apr/2017, we went to Jiangsu University for another project meeting titled "Highly efficient intelligent irrigation systems". Both delivered presentations updating the progress and agreed on mutual visit and collaborations in the following months.