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Industrial Visit

On 17th September, LUCAS research group hosted a demonstration for industry visitors from DSTL, thales and tekever. The demonstration consisted of both indoor and outdoor events.

Indoor part consisted of urban-based scenario. Three moving ground vehicles were placed inside the scaled down city. The UAV, in this case quadrotor, was then tasked with ensuring each vehicle stayed in communication with the group. The UAV autonomously moved to calculated position as network relay in case of obstruction.

Outdoor presentation was utilizing group’s Skywalker X8 fixed wing UAV. It consisted of horizon detection and circle following. Horizon detection was used to determine horizon position with on-board camera. Aircraft position with reference to horizon was then used to compliment other sensors like gyroscopes and accelerometers to determine exact attitude of the vehicle. Circle following algorithm was used to keep UAV on stable path. Vector field guidance algorithm alongside disturbance observer was utilized to achieve the path.