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New Grant for University Defence Research Centre (UDRC)

Loughborough University led consortium has recently been awarded a grant of £3.6M, to fund the development of novel networking  solutions in wartime environments. This significant grant was jointly funded by ESPRC & DSTL for a duration of 5 years, under the title of "Signal Processing Solutions for the Networked Battlespace" (EP/K014307/1). 

Together with the consortium led by Edinburgh University, this forms the new signal processing UDRC (University Defence Research Centre), which replaces the current UDRC led by Imperial College.  

Loughborough's contribution to this project is heavily supported by LUCAS. Not only will the team contribute directly, through work into adaptive signal processing using domain knowledge, but LUCAS will also be responsible for the majority of the experiments for the consortium; providing unmanned vehicles for data collection, algorithm development and demonstration purposes.