ArduWot - Autonomous Wot4 Aeroplane

We've bought a Wot 4 and decided to test fly it with the onboard camera. Video is a bit rubbish due to aliasing caused by improper mounting of the camera, but you can see the speed the thing takes off. The model takes just 30 minutes to put together, although we slightly modified it to suit our battery needs. Here is a video of our test flight:

16th Nov 2011 - Flight test of the Wot 4 Foam-E - onboard camera

Ardupilot was installed and turned onto self-stabilising mode and taken for further flights. Here is a video explaining what tests were carried out

Urdupilot Test

Overall the tests look very promising. Very stable, nice recovery, confident waypoint tracking!

The next test performed was a waypoint and endurance test. The test was about 10 minutes through when a visual See & Avoid procedure was instigated. See the video below!

Endurance test interrupted